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Our goal is to inspire people to live by courage. To stand up to their fears. To be authentic. To build others up. When we choose courage over fear we can overcome adversity, progress through failure, and blaze the trail toward our goals and dreams. The greatest things in life are always on the other side of our greatest fears.

Steve Cabe has been sharing the message about Courage Over Fear since November 2017 and officially launched this platform in May of 2019. His goal is to encourage others to confront their fears, experience freedom from negative thoughts, and discover the courage that is found when we take the next step towards overcoming our biggest obstacles.

On November 9. 2019, Cabe ran the CNO Indianapolis Monumental Marathon (26.2 miles) in a straitjacket to illustrate how we all run the race of life and how we all inevitably face things that hold us back. Despite the obvious challenge of running while locked in a straitjacket, Cabe completed the marathon (and escaped the straitjacket just before cross the finish line) to encourage others that we can always keep moving forward no matter what life throws at us. "It does not matter what is holding us back," says Cabe. "There's always courage to be found in taking the next step!"

Courage Over Fear -  Short Video

Steve Cabe Courage Over Fear Interview


Though it is relatively simplistic in design, the Courage Over Fear logo incorporates several symbolic elements in it's design. Everything from the size and placement of the letters as well as the basic shapes on the sides, there is hidden meaning throughout each element.

FEAR: By far the boldest part of the design, the word "Fear" was intentionally designed to be the first aspect to catch the eye. Just like it is often easiest to base our decisions on avoiding the things that scare us or make us uncomfortable, the hidden meaning here is to catch the eye as the largest, boldest element.

COURAGE: Though much smaller in size, "Courage" is the only complete word in the design. Likewise, it is the central aspect to the logo and you may notice that the negative space around the word strikes through "Fear." It is often in the deepest, most inner part of our fears that we need the most courage--and that's exactly where you'll find it.

OUTER SYMBOLS: These symbols serve two purposes. First, they point to "Courage" bringing more attention to what's really important when you take a second look. However, their main purpose is to serve as greater than and less than symbols on either side of "Fear." As a result, no matter how you fill in the blank on either side of "fear" that will always be greater than fear itself.


An idea that was originally brought to life by Steve Cabe during one of his performances as a magician, the straitjacket is a symbolic visual of how everyone has issues and obstacles in life and we're all seeking freedom.

In 2017, Cabe started extending an invitation to his audiences to write their obstacles, fears, and failures on the jacket in permanent marker before attempting his escape as a meaningful expression of the fight for freedom in our lives. Now the writing that covers the jacket represents those issues and obstacles. Words such as "skin color, miscarriage, divorce, suicide, depression, and loneliness" are just a few of the words that have been inked on the jacket in the last two years.


We're looking for anyone who's passionate about getting involved in encouraging others to LIVE BY COURAGE.

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