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We want to see more people experience and demonstrate courage rather than live out of fear.



Founder & Speaker

Magician | Writer | Baseball Fan | Sweet Tea Enthusiast

Steve's goal in everything he does is to encourage and inspire others to live fearlessly and courageously. With a diverse background as a magician and motivational speaker he has found a way to tap into audiences in creative and meaningful ways. [READ MORE]

Blog Developer 

Singer | Reader | Actor | Coffee Lover | Marvel Fan

Carter was the first member to join the Courage Over Fear team after he first heard of the idea from Steve Cabe (the founder) in the fall of 2017. Since then, Carter has been one of the biggest encouragement's and supporters of this project... [READ MORE]


Stop listening to the negative voice in your head and take hold of the courageous life by:

  1. Speaking up about the things that scare you or make you nervous

  2. Making decisions based on what you want rather than what you're trying to avoid